Terms and Conditions

By Owner, we mean Nuptia Limited, Unit 2, Before 1 Pepper Road, Calverton, Nottingham, NG14 6LH
We will thus be referred to as The Owner. ‘We’ ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ means the Supplier of the Goods.
‘You or ‘Your’ means the Hirer of Goods. ‘Goods’ means all goods hired by us to you.

1) All equipment remains the property of The Owner.

2) During the period of hire, The Hirer shall be solely responsible for the hired goods and insuring the goods.

3) The Owner shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained arising from our goods under hire.

4) The contract for the hire of goods is between Nuptia Limited and the hirer, not the venue unless goods are being hired directly by the venue. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that the venue is clearly instructed so that the terms and conditions are met. Nuptia Limited will charge the Hirer for any costs due to terms and conditions being broken. It is then the responsibility of the Hirer to reclaim any of these costs from the venue if the venue was at fault.

5) A Refundable Security Deposit is payable in addition to the hire charges, to cover shortages and damages to hired goods. This may be waived for corporate bookings who will be invoiced for the replacement cost of any missing or damaged items.

6) Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at full replacement value inclusive of VAT and delivery to The Owner. No substitute item will be accepted by The Owner.

7) The Owner will inform The Hirer within 30 days, in writing of any damages and costs concerning any of the Hired Goods. An invoice will be sent outlining amount of damage and costs exceeding the Security Deposit.

8) The Security Deposit, minus any deductions for loss or damage will be returned to the Hirer within 30 days of Hire date.

9) Final hire numbers are due 1 month before the event date. Once given, they can be increased, but not decreased.

10) Final payment of the full hire balance is due 1 month before the event date and is calculated based on the final hire numbers provided.

11) The Hirer shall inspect the goods and inform the Owner of any shortages immediately so replacements can be arranged.

12) Goods must be ready for collection at agreed location on correct date. A charge is made for an aborted delivery/collection by the courier and The Owner.

13) Goods must be packed in the boxes they were delivered in and taped closed using the tape provided. If there is more than one box, the items should be divided equally between the boxes to stay within specific Courier weight limits. Charges made by Courier for incorrect weights will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

14) Charges will be made for any goods left or returned in plastic bags.

15) Charges will be made for any damaged goods including goods that have been dragged on the floor, ground in earth stains, burns, holes, rips and tears, candle wax, grease or deep staining, including food. Additional charges may be made if extra stain treating and washing is required.

16) If you are hiring table runners or swags, please ensure that candles are not placed on or near these items unless they are non-drip. Charges will be made to replace items that are covered or damaged by candle wax or candle burns.

17) Damaged goods remain the property of Nuptia Limited

18) If goods are not returned at the end of the agreed hire period Nuptia Limted retain the right to charge for:
18a) The cost of replacement goods to honour any bookings where the goods are required.
18b) The cost of replacement goods where hired items are permanently not returned.
18c) An additional hire period, charged at the cost of hire per item per week or part week.
18d) Additional courier collections charged at actual courier cost.

19) All replacement goods will be charged at the cost of goods including VAT and delivery.

20) Goods that are to be collected and returned by the hirer must be collected and returned to the agreed office on the agreed dates otherwise charges will be made as stated in points 18a, 18b, 18c and 19.

21) Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any monies paid.